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Pink Wednesday: DEAL REVEAL

November 19, 2018

Pink Wednesday is the biggest sale of the year! Join us Wednesday, Nov 21st from 8am-8pm! 


1. Drumroll please!  For 1 day only, you can get a FREE SPRAY TAN when you purchase a 3 Pack Bundle!2 options available: Basic & Deluxe. 

Basic Includes PH Balancing Service & Barrier Cream Application, Custom Color Consultation & Blend, Custom Application by Master Certified Spray Tan Artist, Alejandra Kottke. 

Deluxe Includes all of the above PLUS 2 Upgrades. Options include Glow Powder, Hydration & Skin Firming, Rapid Rinse Formula. 

Think ahead to those holiday parties, vacations, weddings, graduation parties, etc. Be ready and be BRONZED for your special occasions!


 2. Want to get the best deal on tanning for these winter months and into Spring? Take advantage of our 1 day only Tan Till March 31st deal!You get 4.5 Months of Tanning for the price of 3 PLUS you get a FREE LOTION Valued up to $120 depending on your Tanning Package Level.

 3. Do you love to have a fat little bank of minutes so you can tan when you want? Minutes are like Real-estate at Cornerstone. You can come and get some ALONE TIME behind a closed door where no child, spouse, boss, or life obligation can find you! Just you and Alexa listening to Ocean Waves or your favorite music, soaking up the Vitamin D and warmth...and giving you a tan that makes you look good and feel good.

You need Cornerstone Real-estate! AND on PINK WEDNESDAY you can get 100 FREE Minutes in Levels 1-2 with the purchase of 300 or 50 FREE Minutes in Level 4 with the purchase of 150.*See store for Details*


 4. 2 reasons this offer is AHHMAZING: 

1. You can GIVE a Cornerstone Gift Card to a friend who will discover the secret of Cornerstone AND get a GIFT VOUCHER for yourself to treat yourself after the New Year! WIN/WIN!

2. You tell your significant other or kids or friends that you want a Gift Card so you can go nuts at Cornerstone and get all the stuff you want and then they can be extra generous and give you the Gift Voucher to spend in January OR they can keep it for themselves and find out that they too love Cornerstone and want to be a part of this Haven.

SEE! Everyone WINS!

 5.  Tanning may not be your thing, but being pale isn't either. Maybe you want some color and skincare... well Glitz is the way to go. And PINK WEDNESDAY you get a gift when you purchase a bottle of Glitz! These are great gifts for young ladies as well as all ladies & gentleman who are skin conscious. 

What is Glitz? Glitz is PURE MAGIC... It is an anti-aging serum with micro beads filled with cosmetic bronzer. You pump a bit out and rub it on your skin and the micro beads burst, releasing bronzer and giving you an instant tan. The bronzer washes off in the shower but the skin benefits remain. You will see your skin texture and tone improve over time. It is magic...pure magic... and the Sweet & Sexy Body Wash & Polish that you get for FREE smell like heaven and keep your skin polished and hydrated. No tight feeling after a shower. You will love how soft your skin feels.


6.   Because we are SO SO much more then a tanning salon, we want to give you an opportunity to SAVE & #shoplocal!


Our boutique has so much to offer! Warm mittens, Warm fuzzy headbands, CC Beanies, Scarves, Sweaters, Vests, Denim Jackets, Tops, Soft Yoga Leggings, Bags, Boots, Jewelry, Journal, Planners....and on and on...Take advantage of our BUY MORE SAVE MORE SPECIAL in the Boutique on PINK WEDNESDAY!


7.  Everyone loves Hempz! It's the easiest gift to give because you know it's a slam dunk!Pink Wednesday Only you can save 50% off any body wash, scrub, balm, body mask, etc with the purchase of a Hempz Body Lotion!We can bag it in a cute gift bag complete with tissue and a gift tag for a ready to go gift!


8.  Because there are few things better then FREE...Time to get a new lotion? GOOD because this Wednesday, you also get FREE SESSIONS with your lotion purchase!

 9. When you have commitment issues and prefer to try a little of this and a little of that you take advantage of THIS DEAL RIGHT HERE!Buy 5 Packets*Get 5 Packets FREE*PLUS a FREE CORNERSTONE COOZIE... All for $25!

 10. Did you know we have BAGO GEAR? Why yes, yes we do! and when you buy any piece of Bago Gear, you get a free Cornerstone Coozie!


11. 15% off CBD!


There's so much more! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for more Holiday Gift Ideas! 







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